Cool kids don`t wear pali scarfs

OK, you’re somewhat surprised. You wear a Palestinian scarf. You’re young, maybe you’d call yourself radical, maybe not. Maybe you’re an antifascist, maybe not. In any case, you wear a Palestinian scarf.
Maybe you’ve just bought it, maybe you’ve had it for a while. To get to the point: Every item of clothing is a statement. Every item of clothing has a (hi)story. And especially this one.
Since 1968, when students were for the Vietcong and against the Americans in Vietnam, this item of clothing has gradually become fashionable.
At that time, so-called National liberation movements, such as that of 1968-1975 in Vietnam, were the focus of solidarity. The Vietnamese Nation (Volk) was fighting for its freedom – in the nineties, it was the Kurdish Nation (Volk) that was fighting for ist freedom, or the Palestinian Nation (Volk). In every case, it was a Nation (Volk) in question. Strange somehow.
In Germany today, only the Nazis still talk of National liberation and refer to the just struggle of the Palestinian Nation (Volk), against Israel, against the State of the Jews. And here we are. At the conflict between Palestinians and Israel. Already, between 1936 and 1939, this item of clothing, originally worn only by the rural Fedayin of Arabia, was imposed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (al-Husseini, the great Nazi collaborator) upon his own people upon threat of punishment. European headwear was forbidden. Those resisting this imposition were assaulted or shot dead. The German National Socialists supported this Grand Mufti financially. Thus, the Nazis started a press campaign in Berlin against the partition of Palestine. The Grand Mufti promptly thanked the German Nazis: in this way, the German government did the independence struggle of the Arabs in Palestine a great service. The Palestinian scarf is an expression of the fight against Israel.
And why do Nazis wear Pally scarves today? Because they are simply anti-Semites, and because they have a lot of admiration for a Nation (Volk) whose members fight right up to physical self-destruction for their land, which they call holy. Here, Nazis are a bit jealous that they don’t possess this murderous daily life.

The Palestinian scarf is the story of a radical left-wing aberration, or error. It is time to recognise this error and in future to wear a scarf from H&M, C&A or one knitted by dad.

Cool kids don’t wear Pally scarves.


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