Call to Demonstration

To give an example of an anti-German political event:
Call to Demonstration (June 2006, Frankfurt/Main)

Solidarity with Israel!
Withdraw the Right of Existence from Germany!

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust and calls for the
destruction of Israel. Meanwhile, Nazis are planning a demonstration on the
occasion of the Iran – Portugal soccer match on June 17th. The motto:
„President Ahmadinejad – Welcomed by Friends“ We want to disturb the
unspeakable actions of this anti-Semitic alliance and invite you to a
demonstration against anti-Semitism of all colours and against the German

In the aftermath of the revolution of 1979, Iran was remodeled into an autocratic theocracy that cuts women’s rights and persecutes the opposition.
Within the Muslim world the Mullahs of Iran stress their leading role in spreading anti-Semitism and a global call for arms against Israel. A European
debate on the condition of Iran has only started as a consequence of a possible
nuclear threat that Iran is posing to Europe, as well as the ongoing denial of
the Holocaust by Ahmadinejad. Although a visit to Germany by Ahmadinejad during
the World Cup has not been confirmed German’s Minister of the Interior,Wolfgang Schäuble, promised to be a „good host“ – that’s the way Holocaust-deniers are welcomed in this country. This preemptive hospitality cannot be explained without regard to the close economic ties of the two countries – Germany is Iran’s biggest trade partner. For example: a German firm sponsors the Iranian vice squad.
In the 1940s, ideological similarities already led to a practical cooperation of National Socialists and Islamic fundamentalists. The Freie Nationalisten
Rhein/Main (a regional hardcore Nazi-group from the river Rhine/river Main
region) stand in this tradition by solidarizing with the regime in Iran.
Nonetheless, they do not forget to agitate in a racist way against „massive
immigration and the corrosion of the German people (Volk)“. Islamic fundamentalists are welcomed as strategic partners in a fight of völkische collectives against an imagined world-wide Jewish conspiracy. Following the anti-Semitic delusion, Nazis suspect the „Kulturfeind“ not only in Israel but
behind every „malice“ of modernity; of course also in Frankfurt that they entitle the „city of stock exchange and the city of high street banks, the Jerusalem on the river Main“.

Behind the German curtain of complaints about savage anti-Semitism voiced by
Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists lies a broad anti-Semitic consensus.Following a study of 2005 68% of the German population are annoyed with „being charged with German crimes against Jews“. And just as many think that „Israel is waging a war of extermination against the Palestinian people“. Since 1989 postwar- Germans see themselves as world champions in dealing with history, claiming a morally superior position that allows them to demonize Israel as today’s perpetrator.

In trying to secure the everyday lives of Jews on a political and military level Israel must have our full support and solidarity. Instead of denying or
paternalistically granting Israel the right to exist – as many Germans do – we
consciously turn against Germany, the country of perpetrators. Due to it’s grave and outrageous crimes we decline to accept Germany’s right to exist.

Demonstration: Friday, June 16th 2006, 6:00 pm at the Merianplatz (via subway U4)

The June 16 Alliance [AK Antifa Mainz, Alliance against anti-Semitism
Rhein/Main, Comité Liberté Gießen, FDJ Frankfurt, sinistra! Frankfurt,
Association of anti-German Communists Heidelberg]

A2K2[west. Ruhrgebiet], [aae] Marburg, Antifaschistischer Aufstand Köpenick (AAK) Berlin, Antifaschistische Gruppe Oranienburg [A.G.O.], CCP – Charlie Churchills Papagei
[to be continued]

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Thu, June 15th: Lecture by Andrei Markovits about anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism in Europe. 8:00 pm – Café Kurzschlusz [Kleiststr. 5, UAS Frankfurt]
Sat, June 17th: Infos and updates on the Nazi demonstration:
Manifestation against the Iranian regime: 2:00 pm Opernplatz [see:]


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